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The Launceston Community Legal Centre is part of Community Legal Centres Australia (CLCAus), which is the association of state and territory community legal centre organisations in Australia. Each state or territory has its own member organisation, in Tasmania it is the Community Legal Centres Tasmania (CLCTas).

Together, these state and territory organisations represent about 200 community legal centres across Australia.

CLCAus is established for the public charitable purposes of assisting disadvantaged and marginalized people in the Australian community to obtain access to legal services by, among other things:

  • Supporting and assisting community legal centres to provide these services
  • Providing a national forum for community legal centres
  • Developing and coordinating national community legal centres policy and
  • Advancing the interests of community legal centres within Australia.

CLCAus' governing body, the CLCAus Management Committee meets throughout the year. It comprises state and territory representatives and elected national representatives. For more information visit the CLCAus website at