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Voice referendum

Inform yourself about the Voice referendum proposal - and separate fact from fiction

We encourage everyone to inform themselves about the historic Voice to Parliament referendum proposal, particularly those of us who will be voting on the proposal in the next few months. To assist you to separate fact from fiction, we have provided some links to the following articles from experts, which seek to explain why the Voice to Parliament has been proposed, what happens in a referendum, responses to common questions and concerns about the Voice proposal, and the Solicitor-General's advice to the Commonwealth Government explaining the legality of the Voice proposal. While we are not constitutional experts, we would be happy to provide more legal information to any community groups wanting to better inform themselves about the proposal prior to the referendum. Simply contact our office, and ask about CLE on the Voice to Parliament referendum. 

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is the invitation for Australians to vote yes to giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander a direct voice to parliament. Read the Statement here.

Law Council of Australia article explains what happens during a referendum

UNSW panel of experts answers 10 commonly asked questions about the Voice to Parliament Referendum Proposal

Solicitor-General's advice to the Government about the legality of the Voice proposal - note clicking on this link will automatically download the advice as a PDF