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The Legal Literacy program has the twin aims of improving document literacy and problem solving in rural communities. Trained individual local volunteers work with local clients in their own communities to address issues BEFORE they require legal advice or intervention.

To see one of the volunteers please ring the centre nearest to you.

Legal Literacy Volunteers are available at

  • Beaconsfield (6383 1110)
  • Deloraine (6362 2678)
  • George Town (6312 3019)
  • Launceston (6334 1577)
  • Centrelink Boland St on Mondays Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm. and
  • Scottsdale LINC drop in service (6778 8586)

Ongoing training sessions for our Legal Literacy Volunteers are  run on a rotational basis in areas of:

  • Consumer Law
  • Wills, death and dying
  • Employment Law
  • Residential Tenancy Law
  • Family Law (Child Custody, Father's rights, Child Spousal Abuse)
  • Centrelink issues

The LCLC as a not-for-profit organisation provides free legal advice to the community within a variety of areas. Therefore our Legal Literacy Volunteers are supported by, and have access to, our team of solicitors should the need arise.

Legal Literacy Volunteers are our ambassadors in their community and aim to foster community awareness of the law, making access to legal assistance more equitable and accessible to the community.

If you are interested in becoming a Legal Literacy Volunteer visit this page. 

Improving document literacy and problem solving in rural communities.