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Becoming a Legal Literacy Volunteer with LCLC

Legal Literacy is no longer operating - however LCLC is currently working behind the scenes to try and re-establish this amazing program!

Therefore, we are obviously no longer recruiting - But in the hope that LLV is back soon, who are Legal Literacy Volunteers and what did they do?


  • Are Local
  • Help people complete/understand forms and documents of all kinds
  • Want to help empower others in their community
  • Are screened for suitability to perform the role
  • Receive full training and ongoing support from Launceston Community Legal Centre
  • Enter a binding confidentiality agreement to maintain client confidentiality
  • Work within strict guidelines
  • Work at local Neighbourhood Houses, Centrelink and LCLC
  • DO NOT give legal advice
  • Learn lots
  • Meet people and enjoy what they do
  • Receive recognition for work done



Training Program for Legal Literacy Volunteers and Potential Volunteers

All volunteers need to complete the Basic Induction Program before they can become a fully fledged Legal Literacy Volunteer. This consists of four sessions.

  • Basic Introduction; 
  • Centrelink Basics – including forms
  • Letter Writing for LLVs together with a session on Legal Injunctions
  • Ethics and Self Care


If you think you might be interested in finding out more,
contact our Legal Literacy Program Coordinator on 6334 1577 today.