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About Launceston Community Legal Centre Inc.

We are a not-for-profit service initially established in 1986 as the Northern Community Welfare Rights Service to provide free legal advice to anyone in the community. In 1991 we became the Launceston Community Legal Centre Inc.

Our vision is to promote social justice by improving access to the legal system. We do this by providing free legal assistance, support, and information to all members of our community, and prioritise those experiencing disadvantage.

Our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan identifies 5 areas of focus for our operations.

We currently receive funding from the Commonwealth and State Governments through the National Legal Assistance Partnership. 

Feedback & Complaints

We really value your feedback. Pay us a compliment, provide a suggestion or make a complaint by visiting our Feedback Form and providing the information required.

A dedicated group of people who are committed to our Vision and Mission.