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NLAP client survey

LCLC is required survey its clients every two years. If you have received assistance from our service between 13 November 2023 and 27 November 2023, we request that you complete this anonymous survey. The results will assist us to continue to improve our services and ensure we are meeting our funding requirements.

LCLC Annual General Meeting 2023

The Launceston Community Legal Centre Inc will hold its AGM on Wednesday 27 September 2023. It is open to all members, current and those who wish to become members. The AGM location is Peppers Silo, Launceston. The AGM will commence at 7am and conclude by 8:30am, with breakfast to be provided. All members will need to renew their membership at, or prior to, the AGM by completing…

Voice referendum

Inform yourself about the Voice referendum proposal - and separate fact from fiction

Come and work for us

We are currently recruiting to fill two positions at our Centre

Information Sheet - Private Car Sale Scam

In recent months, the Launceston Community Legal Centre has seen a concerning increase in the number of clients who have fallen victim to a scam involving the private sale of vehicles. The scam can impact both sellers and buyers of cars, motor bikes, etc, and often leaves them with a considerable financial loss.